Think About It

by Speak Up

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2 tracks we recorded a while back.


released December 14, 2011

Ross, Dan, Roger, Tom. Dan recorded, Vinnie did some mastering



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Track Name: Disassociate
I had your back, you had mine. I trusted you, you didn't have the time.
You fucked it up but i didn't follow suit.
Not gonna lower myself. Not gonna waste time with you
Look where it's got you, you're fucking nothing.
I'll keep living my life, not gonna let you stop it.
I'll stay on track.
Don't fucking talk to me because on your level i know i'll never be.

There's no belief, there's no trust
A once solid foundation has crumbled to dust

Don't put your faith in anyone
Make your own choices, look out for number one
The path you choose will decide your fate
Just keep your mind in check and realise what's at stake
Track Name: Extinction
You'll never escape, you can run a mile
Your truth will catch up on you and break your pointless denial
We'll never be dragged down, we'll keep the positive view
You'll never take control of the Speak Up crew.

Sort out your issues on your own time, have a word with your fucking self.
Because nobody will miss you on the day you die, just another for the shelf
I'm sick to death of thinking about you, i wish my mind would wander but it's stuck like glue
I've said it before, but now it's true.
The final nail in the coffin, now i'm done with you,